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Ear Curation

The artistry of crafting a distinctive ear is akin to curating the perfect ensemble; each element harmonizes to create a unique expression for the wearer.

Lets Get Started

Embark on your Curated Ear journey in one of two ways. Allow the placement of a piercing to guide you, or be captivated by a particular piece of jewelry and build your collection from there. If you have a specific piercing in mind, our stylists will collaborate with you to choose jewelry that complements your new placement. Alternatively, if you encounter an irresistible earring, contemplate the ideal location for it based on the contours of your ear and its synergy with your existing style. Remember, a Curated Ear is a canvas for your aesthetic, so embrace your style, trust your instincts, and enjoy the creative process. 

Style Preferance
Sparkly Gemstones
Matte Gemstones
Natural Gemstones
Synthetic Gemstones
No Gemstones
Material Preference
White Gold
Yellow Gold
Rose Gold
Mixed Gold
Weighting Preference
Budget PER EAR
1000 +
500 - 1000
300 - 400
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